5 Frame Bee Nucs For Sale

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Have you ever wanted to have your own bees? I am beyond excited to now offer small hives for sale for the first time EVER!!! 😊
I am collaborating with a fellow beekeeper and will be taking orders for 5 frame nucs. A nuc is a small established hive. They will be $150 each and ready for pick up at around mid april. Preorders will be done through me and I will have a day where you can pick up your nuc at Smith Family Farms or Frog Hollow Farms, along with me showing you how to put them in your empty hive boxes for when you get home. I'll be around for questions for as long as you need. It will be a small workshop only for beeks that are purchasing bees.
Do your research and order what is needed: bottom board, brood box with frames, inner cover, lid, hive tool, smoker, and veil/beejacket. You can always contact me for more info. You can purchase on my website, stop by at the farmers market or contact me directly.
Call or text me if I interested- 925-755-6733

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